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JavaScript Developer

About Me

Getting a bit personal

James is a North Carolinian developer living and working in Sydney. His passion is user-focused design and development, regardless of industry. Starting out as a designer/artist working on independent games he found his true passion was software development after attending a local GameJam and being forced to learn programming on the spot.

Public Projects

My body of work

This Website

Javascript -- SCSS -- Jekyll

This website was designed, developed and launched in its current disusting state in just under 4 days or something. If I'm being honest with you I feel dissapointed in the final result but it's been a long while since I've touched any CSS.


Gamebryo -- C++ -- Maya

This is a game I made a long time ago that hasn't aged very well. Gamebryo was old when we started using it but the administration insisted that it was crucial to our careers. Jokes on them I never touched Gamebryo again. I think the last decent game made with that engine was epic mickey.

My Youtube Channel

Camera -- Tripod -- Lights

When I was a wee little lad I was really into Airsoft. I made a channel reviewing my gear and giving little tips and tricks. Maxpedition even ended up sponsoring my content and I got a whole heap of free backpacks and duffel bags and whatnot.


People I've coerced into saying nice things

Jordan Heidecker

Macpac Retail Pty. Ltd.

James is the coolest, bestest person that I know. He doesn't even afraid of anything because he's so big. Managing James is easy because he's so good at doing everything. I don't even need to like say "James go do thing" because he doing thing already.

This Kangaroo Thing

Royal National Park

(Translated to english) Wow James is very nice human. Give many trail mix. Not sure am very health because of trail mix but am eat anyway. Is my cheat day anyways, why I cannot to eating? Is point of diet to suffer? No, is to make happy long term.

Nathanial Morales

The Gym

James didn't even ask my permission to use my photo in his portfolio. It seems pretty rude to me but I guess I'll let it pass this time as he is like, a really cool guy and also incredibly handsome. I think James is a much cooler person than I am for certain

Contact Me

I'm always open to talking

I’m available during normal business hours in Sydney, Australia. (AEDT – GMT+11).
Email: James@JamesApple.com
Mobile: 04 519 555 60

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